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Produção, visualização e análise de grandes volumes de imagens de sensoriamento remoto modeladas como cubos de dados multidimensionais para todo o território brasileiro.

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O Data Cube Explorer é um portal web para visualização de cubos de dados, coleções de imagens e classificações.

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Automated cloud coverage analysis with Brazil Data Cube

by Thainara Lima¹, Rômulo Marques ¹, Ueslei Sutil¹, Cláudia Almeida¹, Claudio Barbosa¹, Thales Körting¹, Gilberto Queiroz¹

¹Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais Avenida dos Astronautas, Jardim da Granja,
São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil, CEP 12227010

Publisher: Anais do 22º GEOINFO | Published: 2 December 2021


This paper approaches the topic of Data Cubes applied to the management and monitoring of the brazilian land surface. It presents the results of an instrumental work that aimed at developing a tool in Python language, capable of processing raster and vector data from cloud masks of the Brazil Data Cube STAC catalog, with the purpose of generating statistical assessments of the cloud coverage of a given place in a given period of time. The program was developed in the Jupyter Notebook environment, and hence, it is an opensource software development


© This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited

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Lima, T. M. A.; Carvalho, R. M.; Sutil, U. A.; Almeida, C. M.; Barbosa, C. C. F.; Korting, T. S.; Queiroza, G. R. Automated cloud coverage analysis with Brazil Data Cube. In: BRAZILIAN SYMPOSIUM ON GEOINFORMATICS (GEOINFO). Proceedings XXII GEOINFO, November 29 to December 02, 2021, São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil. INPE, 2021. Online. ISSN 2179-4847. 

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