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Production, visualization and analysis of large volumes of remote sensing images modeled as multidimensional data cubes for the entire Brazilian territory.

Brazil Data Cube team attends at Brazilian Symposium on Geoinformatics – GEOINFO 2020

The Brazil Data Cube (BDC) project team from the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) attended in XXI Brazilian Symposium on Geoinformatics – GEOINFO 2020. The event was held virtually, from November 30 to December 03, 2020. The GEOINFO series is an annual conference for exploring ongoing research, development and innovative applications on geographic information science and related areas.

In this event, some team members presented their work related to the project.

In technical session 8, on December 2, Felipe Carlos, master’s student, together with Vitor Gomes, doctoral student, presented the work “Integration of the Brazil Data Cube and Open Data Cube environments” with Gilberto Queiroz, Karine Ferreira, Rafael Santos.

In the same session, Felipe Lucena presented the work “Brazil Data Cube Cloud Coverage (BDC³) Viewer” of his authorship with Elton Vicente Escobar-Silva, Rennan de Freitas Bezerra Marujo, Matheus Cavassan Zaglia, Lubia Vinhas, Karine Reis Ferreira, Gilberto Ribeiro de Queiroz.

The event also received the Prof. Dr. Gregory Giuliani, Institute for Environmental Sciences. University of Geneva, Switzerland, with the lecture “Big Data for Big Challenges: The Swiss Data Cube for Environmental Monitoring”.

Soon, proceedings will be available on the GEOINFO webpage.

Source: Brazil Data Cube Project

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