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Production, visualization and analysis of large volumes of remote sensing images modeled as multidimensional data cubes for the entire Brazilian territory.

Brazil Data Cube in Numbers

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Round Table112
Technical Meeting33
46 events with BDC participation
Organized eventsNumber of EventsParticipants
Training organized by the project 115
Special Session1480
Training organized by the project 15903
Workshop organized by the project3312
Lecture organized by the project4
Technical meeting organized by the project1
Total 251710
25 events organized by the BDC, with the participation of 1710 people (+ 200 Biomas Workshop), 903 of which in training/short courses.
09/13/2019Mini-course: SITS – R package for Satellite Image Time SeriesMini-course: SITSOrganized courseNationalSão José dos Campos12
09/16/2019Apresentação de trabalho: Evaluating distance measures for image time series clustering in land use and cover monitoring”, 2019 European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML PKDD)SymposiumInternationalGermany
09/17/2019Oral Presentations:
– Reproducibility of Automated Land Use and Land Cover Classifications
– Evaluating Growing Self-Organizing Maps for Satellite Image Time Series Clustering.
– Land Use and Land Cover Trajectory Service
– The Brazil Data Cube database model: A proposal
Applied Computing Workshop (WorCap) 2019WorkshopNationalSão José dos Campos
10/06/2019Paper Presented: “Using SOM Neural Network to Improve Land Use and Cover Training Samples from Satellite Image Time Series”21st William T. Pecora Memorial Remote Sensing Symposium (Pecora 21) and the 38th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment (ISRSE-38),SymposiumInternationalUSA
11/04/2019Presentation: “Brazil Data Cube (BDC) using AWS for Land Use and Cover Change”GEO Week 2019 – Ministerial SummitSymposiumInternationalAustralia
11/06/2019Presentation: BDC project activitiesMundoGEO Connect 2021SymposiumNationalSão Paulo
11/11/2019Papers Presented:
– “Evaluating Growing Self-Organizing Maps for Satellite Image Time Series Clustering”
– “Designing a Platform for Sharing Earth Observation Scientific Data”.
– “Analysis of tools for processing large volumes of spatiotemporal data”
– “Brazil Data Cube metadata cataloging with Spatio Temporal Asset Catalog”
– “The use of the GEOBIA approach to detect the advance of agricultural activity in the arc of deforestation”
Simpósio de Geoinformática – GEOINFO 2019SymposiumNationalSão José dos Campos
12/12/2019– Presentation: Open Data Cube (ODC) Thecnical Visit: Jonathan Hodge – Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).LectureInternationalSão José dos Campos
12/19/2019– Presentation: BDC project activitiesI Internal Workshop of the Brazil Data Cube projectOrganized WorkshopNationalSão José dos Campos70
01/27/2020Summer Course in Geoinformatics and Data ScienceSummer Course in Geoinformatics and Data ScienceOrganized courseNationalSão José dos Campos35
04/21/2020– Presentation: BDC project status49th Meeting of the Working Group on Information Systems & Services (WGISS-49)Technical meetingInternationalVirtual
06/15/2020– Presentation: EO Earth Cubes for BrazilGEO VIRTUAL SYMPOSIUM 2020SymposiumInternationalVirtual
08/12/2020Virtual and hands-on training on the classification of time series of images – SITSVirtual and hands-on training on the classification of time series of images – SITSOrganized courseNationalVirtual15
08/19/2020Virtual and hands-on training on the classification of time series of images – SITSVirtual and hands-on training on the classification of time series of images – SITSOrganized course NationalVirtual12
08/19/2020– Presentation: Earth observation data cubesVirtual workshop Digital Earth AmericasWorkshopInternationalVirtual
08/25/2020Papers Presented:
– Using Remote Sensing Images and Cloud Services on Aws to Improve Land Use and Cover Monitoring
– An Unsupervised Segmentation Method For Remote Sensing Imagery Based On Conditional Random Fields
2020 Latin American GRSS & ISPRS Remote Sensing Conference (LAGIRS)SymposiumInternationalVirtual
09/04/2020BDC Tech Talks “Open Data Cube: Introdução e Integração com o projeto BDC”BDC Tech Talks “Open Data Cube: Introdução e Integração com o projeto BDC”Presented lectureNationalVirtual
09/16/2020– Mini-course: “Geoinformatics with Machine Learning Applications”Applied Computing Workshop (WorCap) 2020Organized course  NationalVirtual80
09/09/2020– Presentation: Brazil Data Cube Project and its research in applied computingApplied Computing Workshop (WorCap) 2020LectureNationalVirtual
09/18/2020BDC Tech Talks “SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog – STAC”BDC Tech Talks “SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog – STAC”Presented lectureNationalVirtual
09/22/2020Accessing and Processing Brazilian EO Data Cubes with Open Data Cube50th Meeting of the Working Group on Information Systems & Services (WGISS 50)Technical meetingInternationalVirtual
10/02/2020BDC Tech Talks “Web Land Trajectory Service – WLTS”BDC Tech Talks “Web Land Trajectory Service – WLTS”Presented lectureNationalVirtual
10/20/2020– Presentation: TERRABRASILIS RESEARCH DATA – A platform for sharing geographic research data.Brazilian Symposium on Spatial Data Infrastructure – SBIDE 2020SymposiumNationalVirtual
10/30/2020– Presentation: “Data cubes and time series analysis of remote sensing images”Brazil National Month of Science, Technology and Innovation – 2020LectureNationalVirtual
11/30/2020Papers Presented:
– Integration of the Brazil Data Cube and Open Data Cube environments
– Brazil Data Cube Cloud Coverage (BDC³) Viewer
Simpósio de Geoinformática – GEOINFO 2020SymposiumNationalVirtual
02/03/2021– Presentation: “The Brazilian Data Cube project: innovation to automatize land use and land cover data production using Big Earth Observation data and machine learning methods”GEO-INPE Webinars on Brazil’s forest monitoring systemWorkshopInternationalVirtual
02/24/2021– Case study: “Land use and land cover classification in the Brazilian Cerrado biome using the Brazil Data Cube”Webinar GEO Knowledge Hub (GKH)WorkshopInternationalVirtual
03/16/2021Online visit/videoconference with students of the
Master of Science in Spatial Engineering INPE and ITC (University of Twente)
Workshop INPE  and University of TwenteWorkshopInternationalVirtual
03/22/2021– Presentation: “Brazilian Earth Observation Data Cube using AWS for Land Use and Cover Change”GEO-AWS EO Cloud Credits webinarWorkshopInternationalVirtual
03/29/2021– Presentation: BDC project resultsII Workshop do projeto Brazil Data CubeOrganized WorkshopNationalVirtual200
04/01/2021– Presentation: “Land Use/Land Cover Classification Knowledge Package”II Webinar GEO Knowledge Hub (GKH)Organized WorkshopInternationalVirtual
04/12/2021– Mini-course: Earth Observation Data Cubes and Time Series AnalysisSBSR Interim – 2021Organized courseNationalVirtual400
04/15/2021– Presentation: BDC project activitiesCSIRO event “Exploring the value and challenges of using Earth Observation Data”WorkshopInternationalVirtual
04/15/2021– Presentation:  “BDC experience using AWS services to develop the Data cube builder application”AWS Public Sector Summit Online 2021Round tableInternationalVirtual
04/21/2021– Presentation: BDC project activitiesGEO-OGC Data Cubes WorkshopWorkshopInternationalVirtual
06/16/2021– Live demonstration: R package SITS (Satellite Image Time Series Analysis)Workshop GEO-GFOIWorkshopInternationalVirtual
07/06/2021Papers Presented:
– “Accessing and processing Brazilian Earth observation Data cubes with the Open Data Cube platform
– “Evaluating the impact of LaSRC and Sen2cor atmospheric correction algorithms on Landsat-8/OLI and Sentinel-2/MSI Data over AERONET stations in Brazilian territory”
XXIV ISPRS congressCongressInternationalVirtual
07/13/2021– Paper Presented: “RSTAC: An R package to access spatiotemporal asset catalog satellite imagery”. IGARSS-2021 SymposiumSymposiumInternationalVirtual
08/19/2021– Presentation: “Brazil Data Cube Project: Image data cubes, big data, time series analysis and machine learningMundoGEO Connect 2021SymposiumNationalVirtual
09/01/2021– Presentation: BDC project activitiesInternational Workshop on Forest Geotechnologies (GISFOREST)SymposiumInternationalVirtual
09/09/2021– Mini-course: “Introduction to STAC and WTSS”Applied Computing Workshop (WorCap) 2021Organized course NationalVirtual80
09/09/2021BDC teaches course for IBGE and National School of Statistical SciencesBDC teaches course for IBGE and National School of Statistical SciencesOrganized courseNationalVirtual27
09/27/2021Virtual hands-on training on the classification of remote sensing image time series using the R package software for Satellite Image Time Series (sits)FOSS4G 2021 conferenceOrganized course InternacionalVirtual15
10/01/2021FOSS4G 2021’s Indigenous HackathonFOSS4G 2021 conferenceHackathonInternationalVirtual
10/19/2021Course for TerraClass – Analysis of Land Use and Land Cover Samples using SOMCourse for TerraClass – Analysis of Land Use and Land Cover Samples using SOMOrganized courseNationalVirtual15
11/10/2021– Presentation: BDC project activities6th Scientific Journey of Geography at UNIFAL-MG.Round tableNationalVirtual
11/25/2021– Presentation: “BDC project results in using the AWS computing environment to process big Earth observation data”Geo Week 2021WorkshopInternationalVirtual
12/14/2021Virtual hands-on training Access to BDC project data using web services and time series analysis and classification of remote sensing imagesBDC provides training for EMBRAPAOrganized courseNationalVirtual22
01/14/2022– Presentation: “Technologies and products of the Brazil Data Cube platform”Presentation at the Federal University of Ouro Preto, Laboratory for Modeling and Simulation of Earth Systems (TerraLAB)Presented lectureNationalVirtual
05/11/2022– Presentation: BDC and SABERES project presented their joint initiatives to produce Sentinel 1 data cubes and to extract water bodies from them using machine learning Workshop for the GEO Wetlands InitiativeWorkshopInternationalVirtual
05/24/2022Demonstration of BDC data and software productsWorkshop “Agro: Space Technologies and Applications”WorkshopNationalCuiabá-MT
06/15/2022Papers Presented:
– “Building Earth Observation Data Cubes on AWS”
– “Spatiotemporal Segmentation of Satellite Image Time Series Using Self-Organizing Map”
– “An Analysis of the Influence of the Number of Observations in A Random Forest Time Series Classification to Map the Forest and Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon” 
XXIV ISPRS Congress 2022CongressInternationalVirtual
07/04/2022“Brazil Data Cube – Big Earth observation data modeled as multidimensional cubes, machine learning and image time series analysis” Conference “Using Big Data and Machine Learning for Land Cover and Land Use Mapping: Challenges to Mapping AccuracyWorkshopNationalVirtual
07/15/2022Poster: “BDC Collection Builder: an application for Earth observation satellite images acquisition and processing to produce Analysis Ready Data” International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS 2022)SymposiumInternationalVirtual
07/29/2022Presentation: BDC project resultsInternal Workshop of the Brazil Data Cube projectOrganized WorkshopNationalSão José dos Campos42
09/02/2022Brazil Data Cube internal training of data products and software products Brazil Data Cube internal training of data products and software products Organized course NationalVirtual58
09/13/2022Presentation: “Earth Observation Data Cubes for Satellite Image Time Series Analysis”Applied Computing Workshop (WorCAP) 2022Organized course NacionalVirtual80
10/04/2022Brazil Data Cube – EO Data Products and Innovative Software Technologies, an overview for The Nature ConservancyThe Nature Conservancy WorkshopWorkshopInternationalVirtual
10/03/2022Course: Brazil on the technologies and potential of using BDC, PRODES and DETERTraining of Specialists in Geocontrol at the Federal Court of Accounts – Brazil (TCU)Organized courseNationalVirtual10
11/28/2022Mini-course “Brazil Data Cube – Earth Observation Data Cubes and Image Time Series Analysis”Simpósio de Geoinformática – GEOINFO 2022Organized courseNationalSão José dos Campos28
04/02/2023Mini-course: “Earth Observation Data Cubes and Time Series Analysis of Remote Sensing Images”Brazilian Symposium on Remote Sensing (SBSR-2023)Organized courseNationalFlorianópolis29
“Use of time series for land use and land cover classifications in Petrolina, Pernambuco”
– “DETER Intenso and Forest Monitor: Improving the alerting of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest”
– “Mapping of forest disturbances in the state of Maranhão using time series and data cubes”
– “Deep Learning as a tool to interpolate cloudy pixels in Sentinel-2 time series”
– “A multi-source WFI datacube of CBERS-4 and CBERS-4A images: Improving visual interpretation”
Brazilian Symposium on Remote Sensing (SBSR-2023)SymposiumNationalFlorianópolis
03/27/2023Multiple activities with the BDC team
Lecture at the SBSR Symposium
BDC team received researcher from the Swiss Data Cube ProjectOrganized Technical meetingNationalSão José dos Campos
04/02/2023Special Session: “Earth Observation Data Cubes for Imagery Time Series Analysis”Brazilian Symposium on Remote Sensing (SBSR-2023)Special SessionNationalFlorianópolis480
04/14/2023Presentation: BDC project resultsWorkshop BIOMASWorkshopNationalSão José dos Campos200
05/01/2023General meeting of the HARMONIZE project, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, ColombiaTechnical meetingInternationalBogota – Colombia
05/08/2023Presentation: “Introduce the technologies and products of the Brazil Data Cube platform”Global Forest Observations Initiative – GFOI 2023 Plenary, Roma, ItáliaPlenaryInternationalRome – Italy
06/16/2023Brazil Data Cube: análise de big data para desmatamento e uso da terra no BrasilGEO Open Data and Open Knowledge Workshop em Genebra.WorkshopInternationalGeneva – Switzerland
06/27/2023Accessing and Processing Brazilian Earth Observation Data Cubes with the Open Data Cube PlatformCapacity Program “Strengthening Geospatial Capacities in the CaribbeanWebinarInternationalVirtual
06/28/2023Produtos de dados e de softwares que estão sendo desenvolvidas no projeto para o mapeamento de uso e cobertura da terra utilizando análise de séries temporais de imagens de satélites e inteligência artificialLand & Carbon Lab’s 2023 SummitSymposiumInternationalBrussels -Belgium
11/21/2023The Brazil Data Cube team presented a course at the XIII Journey of Education in Remote Sensing in ManausXIII Journey of Education in Remote Sensing Organized courseNationalManaus
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