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Production, visualization and analysis of large volumes of remote sensing images modeled as multidimensional data cubes for the entire Brazilian territory.

Image collections

Surface Reflectance orthorectified imagery from CBERS-4, Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 satellites

Image collections are products that meet the minimum requirements to be used by applications. These collections are obtained from their official data providers and redistributed or distributed by the BDC project after processing. These data are also called ARD (Analysis Ready Data) products and are in comply with CEOS ARD specifications.

In the context of the BDC, image collections at the digital level (DN) and top of atmosphere reflectance (ToA) are used to generate collections at the surface reflectance (SR) level to be later used to produce data cubes.

The SR images are generated with software distributed by the agencies that provide the DN or ToA images, for example, for Landsat-8 images the LaSRC (Landsat Surface Reflectance Code) processor is used, Figure 2 illustrates the atmospheric correction processing in several products to generate surface reflectance products.

Associated publications

Evaluating the Impact of Lasrc and SEN2COR Atmospheric Correction Algorithms on LANDSAT-8/OLI and SENTINEL-2/MSI Data Over Aeronet Stations in Brazilian Territory

by R. F. B. Marujo¹, J. G. Fronza¹, A. R. Soares¹, G. R. Queiroz¹ and K. R. Ferreira¹ 1National Institute for Space Research (INPE), Brazil DOI: Publisher: ISPRS | Published: 17 Jun 2021 © Author(s) 2021. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Abstract Accurate and consistent Surface Reflectance estimation from optical …

Comparison of Cloud Cover Detection Algorithms on Sentinel–2 Images of the Amazon Tropical Forest

by Alber Hamersson Sanchez 1,, Michelle Cristina A. Picoli 2, , Gilberto Camara 2, , Pedro R. Andrade 1, , Michel Eustaquio D. Chaves 3,, Sarah Lechler 4, Anderson R. Soares 2, Rennan F. B. Marujo 2, Rolf Ezequiel O. Simões 2, Karine R. Ferreira 2 and Gilberto R. Queiroz 2 1Earth System Science Center, National Institute for Space Research—INPE, São José dos Campos 12227-010, Brazil 2Image Processing …

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