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Production, visualization and analysis of large volumes of remote sensing images modeled as multidimensional data cubes for the entire Brazilian territory.

Landsat – 30m – 2 months

by BDC Team

National Institute for Space Research (INPE), São José dos Campos 12227-010, Brazil


Publisher: Inpe | Published:


This datacube was generated with all available surface reflectance from Landsat images (Landsat-8, Landsat-9). The data is provided with 30 meters of spatial resolution, reprojected and cropped to BDC_MD grid Version 2 (BDC_MD V2), considering a temporal compositing function of 2 months using the Least Cloud Cover First (LCF) best pixel approach.

Data Access

Landsat Cube Bimonthly – v2 can be accessed through the Brazil Data Cube portal and also through the STAC service, using the following address:

Additional information

Temporal CoverageStart Date: 01/07/2021
End Date: 31/12/2022
CoverageWest-bound Longitude: -70.0853464563986
South-bound Latitude: -13.3167550566751
East-bound Longitude: -44.6008517427354
North-bound Latitude: -5.87153525818802
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