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Production, visualization and analysis of large volumes of remote sensing images modeled as multidimensional data cubes for the entire Brazilian territory.

Sentinel-2 – Cerrado Biome – Mosaic

by BDC Team

National Institute for Space Research (INPE), Avenida dos Astronautas, 1758, Jardim da Granja, Sao Jose dos Campos, SP 12227-010, Brasil


Posted by Inpe | Published: February 2022


An image mosaic of the Sentinel-2 images covering the Cerrado Biome in Brazil. It was created from a Sentinel-2 data cube, with 10 meters of spatial resolution images, 4 months of temporal step, using the Least Cloud Cover First (LCF). RGB composition of the NIR (B08), Green (B03) and Red (B04) bands.

The technologies developed in the Brazil Data Cube project assisted in the generation of the mosaic, mainly in the steps of scene selection and composition of tiles free of clouds and cloud shadows. Product generation uses the LCF (Least Cloud First) composition function to select the best pixel within the period starting in June and ending in September 2022. The steps of joining the tiles and cutting were done manually and Finally, Geotiff was converted from 16 to 8 bits to save space. The final product is an RGB colored composite of the respective NIR(B8), Red(B4) and Green(B3) bands.

Data Access

Mosaico Sentinel 2 – Cerrado can be accessed through the Brazil Data Cube portal and also through GIS applications through the OGC WMS service, using the following address:

Additional information

Temporal CoverageStart Date: 07/01/2020
End Date: 09/30/2020
CoverageWest-bound Longitude: -61.75031417469509
South-bound Latitude: -24.78897657651447
East-bound Longitude: -40.057419619168286
North-bound Latitude: -1.7795418369728329
ProcessorSoftware: Cube Builder – 0.4.0
SourcesSentinel-2 SR – LaSRC/Fmask 4.2
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